It Means Something: The Devils Tower

The Devils Tower National Monument is a mystical land mark and not because it was made famous in the classic movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” Located in Crook County, Wyoming, the tower has been a sacred place for Native American tribes for centuries and is still used today. The tower rises above its surroundings to about 5,114 feet in elevation and it’s rough, cracked vertical surface has captivated all who have seen it. The Native Americans believe the marks were caused by a giant bear climbing to the top (that’s actually how the tower received it’s name but it was mistranslated to Devil’s Tower). Science isn’t sure. What is agreed upon by geologists is that the tower was formed by intrusion; magma being forced into or between other rock formations.

In other words, a liquid rock that forms beneath the Earth’s surface. The easiest explanation is that the tower is the old remains of a once volcano.

Whatever the reason for it’s creation, it certainly is a strange and interesting sight. Steve and I didn’t have time to explore the 1,000+ acres that are also included in the park but did walk half way around the tower on well laid out trails. We even saw some ornaments of the Native American tribes who still religiously attend the tower hanging from tree branches.

There certainly is something special about the area. I recommend you check it out if your in the area. For more information on The Devils Tower, visit the National Park website.

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