The Hike to Abram’s Falls

We decided to take the 5.2 mile round trip hike to Abram's Falls. The trail has a total elevation gain of 675 feet with the first part being almost entirely up hill. It's a bit rocky but nothing compared to the Appalachian trail we had hiked part of the day before. Abram's Falls is 20... Continue Reading →

Our Awesome Spelunking Adventure at Cumberland Caverns

Crawling through mud, wiggling sideways through narrow passageways, climbing over cave walls, and sliding down slippery mud-covered slops. One of our best adventures yet. The Cumberland Caverns, located in McMinnville, Tennessee, are one of the "most extensive known caves in America." The system was discovered in 1810 by surveyor Aaron Higgenbotham. Higgenbotham ventured into the... Continue Reading →

The Smokies: Grotto Falls

Michigan's Waterfalls really put those in the Great Smoky Mountains to shame (I'm a bit bias though), but there is one that stood out from the rest. Grotto Falls. Grotto Falls is a 25 foot waterfall that has one major drop. This drop falls over a ledge, providing visitors the chance to walk in behind... Continue Reading →

The Smokies: Hiking to Charlies Bunion

Inspirational vistas is what to be excepted when hiking the 8.2 mile round trip hike to Charlies Bunion. ┬áThe trail begins on the Appalachian trail at the Newfound Gap Parking lot. The first 1.5 miles is all up hill and extremely rocky but the reward is a view of the North Carolina Smokies. Total elevation... Continue Reading →

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