A Journey to Crisp Point Lighthouse

My mom loves lighthouses. That has been the inspiration behind our recent travels to different lighthouses in the state. Steve and I have been picking some of the more unique lighthouses to photograph and put together a collage for her to enjoy. Crisp Point Lighthouse was one of those selected and I have to say, I was pretty impressed.

Construction began in 1903 and continued until it opened on May 5, 1904. Crisp Point is considered one of the most remote lighthouses in Michigan and after we took the drive, it’s easy to understand why. It takes about 30 minutes or so to get from the main road back to the parking area. Although the road can be difficult at some points, we were able to manage just fine with our Jetta.

One of the major draws to Crisp Point, aside from it’s location, is the ability to climb the lighthouse for free.  The view’s of Lake Superior and the surrounding area are spectacular. The climb itself isn’t too difficult, just go slow. I was feeling ill on the day we went and was still able to make the climb.


Getting there

Take M-123 to CR-500 and follow the signs to the lighthouse. Everywhere I’ve seen warns you not to use your GPS. We didn’t have a problem with ours but you never know. Here’s a map to help navigation the roads there.

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