Manganese Falls  – A Shining Star

Manganese Falls is a 45 foot tall waterfall on the Manganese Creek that plummets into a very deep and narrow gorge. It is not an easy waterfall to access. When you first arrive at the falls, there is an overlook that provides you with a very limited view. If you head a little north of the overlook, you can see the top of the falls before it descends into the gorge. This is a very slippery area and I’m pretty sure I made Steve nervous trying to get the perfect photograph of it as I balanced on the edge. of the gorge.

Just a little ways down the road from the falls, towards town, there is a two-track that takes you to a bridge over the creek. This is all easily within walking distance. There is a small dam just up the stream that you can see from the bridge. We left the trail behind and climbed up the rocks along the stream to get past the dam and into the base of the gorge. You can’t see the base of the falls from here, however.  Once inside the gorge, it felt like we entered a completely different world from long ago. The vegetation is massive, the large rocks just look ancient and the trees roots were huge.

If you’re up for a little adventure, I certainly recommend you try to see this waterfall.

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