Exploring Yellowstone: A Remarkable Sight – Old Faithful

Sitting on a wooden bench with a hundred other people, waiting for that moment when Yellowstone’s most famous Geyser, Old Faithful, begins spouting hot water is something that can only be experienced and not described. First discovered in the 1870 Washburn Expedition, Old Faithful was the first Geyser in Yellowstone to be named. I can’t imagine how the explorers felt when coming across something as magnificent as Old Faithful. Almost every 91 minutes it throws 3,700 to 8,400 gallons of boiling water to heights above 100 feet. It is one of the most predictable geographical features on Earth. I loved every second of it.

Old Faithful Inn

Old Faithful Inn

Old Faithful Inn

Built in the winter of 1903 to 1904  by Robert C. Reamer, Old Faithful Inn is just as spectacular as Old Faithful. It is nearly 700 feet in length and seven stories high. The lobby has a 65 foot tall ceiling that is like nothing I ever seen before. In 1915 and again in 1927 wings were added to the hotel so that today there are 327 rooms available to rent. There is also a built in restaurant. This is without a doubt the most beautiful, rugged and elegant hotel that I ever visited. The detail is astonishing.

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